Official visit to the State Audit Office of Chile

At the invitation of Mr. Jorge Bermudez, Auditor General of Chile, Mr. Ivan Klešić,  Auditor General of Croatia, accompanied by his associates, officially visited Chile, where he participated in the following events: at the International Conference "SDGs , oversight and strong institutions" organized by the Chilean State Audit Office in co-operation with the World Bank and OLACEFS, with the purpose to consider the Chilean model, and through presentations and panel discussions with leaders and representatives of key state bodies and institutions in Chile, representatives of non-governmental sector, the World Bank, the SAIs of other countries and other key stakeholders, exchange experiences and approaches to the ways and models of inclusion of the supreme audit institutions in this common professional challenge. the bilateral visit was realized as a continuation of a professional dialogue between the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia and the State Audit Office of the Republic of Chile initiated during 2016 and continued with the bilateral meeting in Zagreb in May 2017. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the work of the Chilean SAI, its organizational set-up and areas of work, exchange of experiences and ideas related to the implementation of the mandate of the institutions, strengthening external audit contributions to better managing public funds and identifying good practice on both sides. The meetings also discussed the modalities of extending professional cooperation in the future, both within the framework of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) as well as on a bilateral institutional and academic level. at the ceremony of the joint inter-institutional project started at the end of 2016, and resulted in the publication of the book "Administrative Oversight of Public Procurement - Chilean and Croatian Experience" in Croatian, Spanish and English, which was firstly presented in May 2017 in Croatia.

Meeting of the EU contact committee

Ivan Klešić, Auditor General, attended the regular annual meeting of the EU Contact Committee, held on 12 and 13 October 2017, in Luxembourg. On the first day, under the chairmanship of Mr. Claus-Heiner Lehne, President of the European Court of Auditors, seminar was organized on "Can the Supreme Audit Institutions contribute to restoring the trust of EU citizens?", including presentations and panel discussion of Mr. Jean Arthuis, Member of the European Parliament, Mr. Janos Bertok, OECD representative for public sector integrity and Mr. Anton Colella, Executive Director of ICAS. The seminar section was concluded with the explanation of innovative examples and examples of good practice in the field, presented by Mr. Arno Viser, Auditor General of the Netherlands and Mr. Kay Scheller, President of the German Court of Accounts.In the second part of the first day, a meeting of the heads of EU MSs’ SAIs leaders led to the informal debate on key challenges related to issues of mutual interest, considering how current EU challenges reflect the supreme audit institutions and whether they are ready to answer them. The second day of the meeting was devoted to the activities of the Contact Committee and reporting on working groups’ results and decision-making on their future activities. In the second part of the day, innovative approaches to EU issues (audits, good practice and new products) were discussed, with presentations given by the SAI of Czech Republic and SAI Hungary.At the end of the meeting, Mr. Klešić held the inaugural speech and introduced the participants with the date of the Contact Committee 2018 (Dubrovnik, 10-12.10.2018), after which Mr. Klaus-Heiner Lehne, President of ECA, handed over the Presidency of the EU Contact Committee in the next year period to the State Audit Office of Croatia and Mr. Ivan Klešić, Auditor General.Upon completion of the Contact Committee meeting, bilateral meetings of the heads of the EU MS SAIs were organized, and a liaison officer meeting was held, with the purpose of deciding on further steps and activities following the decisions of the Contact Committee. During the meeting of the Contact Committee, the European Court of Auditors marked the 40th anniversary of its existence, attended by Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, Mr. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament and Mrs. Kersti Kaljulaid, President of the Republic of Estonia (and former ECA member), currently chairing the EU Council.


On 25 September 2017, Ivan Klešić, Auditor General with his associates visited the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, and together with Mr. Tzvetan Tzvetkov, President of the Bulgarian National Audit Office, signed a Consortium Agreement for the implementation of the Twinning Project "Further Improvement of Administrative Capacity and External Audit Efficiency" in the Republic of Macedonia. The project, worth 1.400.000,00 EUR and duration of 24 months, will be conducted at the State Audit Office of the Republic of Macedonia. By signing the Consortium Agreement of the supreme audit institution of the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bulgaria, they express their readiness to implement jointly the Twinning Project, the National Audit Office of the Republic of Bulgaria as senior and the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia as a junior partner, and express their commitment to proper fulfillment of the tasks from the project and applying of relevant rules. The co-operation between the two institutions in this project is a new step in their joint cooperation as well as in cooperation with the State Audit Office of the Republic of Macedonia and an acknowledgment to the Office for its work and results as well as the opportunity to transfer acquired knowledge and experience to the benefit of external auditing within the EU Candidate Countries.

Trilateral meeting in the Spanish Court of Accounts (Madrid, 20-23 April 2017)

From April 20 to April 23, 2017, Mr Ivan Klešić, Auditor General, with his associates payed an official visit to the Spanish Court of Account ( Tribunal de Cuentas ). During this stay, a trilateral meeting of heads of Supreme Audit Institutions was held between Mr Ramón Alvarez de Miranda Garcia, President of the Spanish Court of Accounts, Mr Ivan Klešić, Auditor General of the Republic of Croatia and Mr Tomaž Vesel, President of the Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia, including a working meeting on the auditing central banks. During the meetings, colleagues from the Spanish Court of Accounts presented their experience in auditing banks, with particular emphasis on the mandate for the audit of the central bank and the banking supervision system, then the areas, subjects, objectives and results of the audits carried out, and types of audits related to Spanish and European Central Bank. The participants also discussed the possibilities and ways of further co-operation in the area, as well as topics related to the preparation of the X. EUROSAI Congress which is scheduled to be held in May 2017. During his stay, Mr Klešić also held a bilateral meeting with Mr. Tomaž Vesel, President of the Slovenian Court of Audit, discussing topics and organization of the EU Contact Committee in 2018, to be organised and hosted by the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia, as well as numerous other topics of common interest.

The Meeting of EUROSAI Task Force on municipality audit (Vilnius, 10-13 April 2017)

Representatives of the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia participated in the founding meeting of the EUROSAI Task Force on Audit of Municipalities, held in Vilnius, Lithuania during the period from 10 to 13 April 2017.The meeting, chaired by the State Audit Office of the Republic of Lithuania as the initiator and as a host, was attended by 51 representatives from 25 Supreme Audit Institutions. The purpose of the Task Force’s establishment is to affirm best practice and exchange experience in the audit of municipalities, which will be the basis for achieving positive changes in this area. In order to achieve the expected results, the Work Program for the period from 2017 to 2019 was adopted at the meeting, which contains strategic objectives, planned activities, responsible persons i.e. supreme audit institutions and deadlines for carrying out activities. More information about the Task Force is available on the web site .