Deputy Auditor General

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Nediljka Rogošić, M. Sc., was appointed Deputy Auditor General on 22 October 2019. by a Decision of the Croatian Parliament of 12 July 2019.

She was born on 21 April 1959 in Dugopolje. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics, the Postgraduate Study of Economics in Zagreb and earned her Master of Social Science degree in Economics. She also completed her Postgraduate Studies in Business Ethics at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb.

From 1978 to 1997 she worked in several companies and institutions, among others, in leading positions at the social enterprise Klimauređaji, as a head of the finance and marketing department at the Business union for diabetic food in Zagreb, and at the company PP Maksimir d.d., Zagreb where she has been the manager of the accounting and finance department. Since 1997 she has been working at the State Audit Office as a Certified State Auditor in the role of State Auditor, Senior State Auditor, Head of department, and since 2004 she has been working as an Assistant Auditor General.

She was head of the Performance audit component of the twinning project at the State Audit Office. She was a member of the Working Group on the Preparation of Negotiations for the chapter on the acquis Chapter 32 - Financial control and head of the Component for State Audit and Parliament in the twinning project conducted in Northern Macedonia. She is the co-founder and deputy president of the Center for Business Ethics in the Republic of Croatia. In 2006 she was enrolled in the Golden Book of the Best Croatian Entrepreneurs and Managers. She has published several professional and scientific papers in the proceedings and journals of the Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals, RRIF, TEB and the Center for Business Ethics, and is one of the authors of the book on the State Audit. She has participated in several international symposia in Zagreb in the field of business ethics. She speaks English and Italian.