The 3rd UN-IDI Conference "SAIs Make Difference: Revising the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals"

At the invitation of Juwang Zhu, Director of UNDESA and Einar Gorrissen, Director of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), Ivan Klešić, the Auditor General and his assosiates attended the 3rd Conference of Heads of Supreme Audit institutions on the subject of "SAIs Make Difference: Reviewing the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)", held on July 22nd and July 23, 2019, in the United Nations premisses in New York. The purpose of the conference was to compare and discuss the results of past experience in carrying out audits of preparedness for SDG implementation, as well as the possibilities and benefits of continuing to carry out such audits in the future. Apart from the heads of Supreme Audit Institutions and their delegations from all INTOSAI regions, the conference was attended by representatives of civil society organizations, the academic community, INTOSAI bodies, UN organizations and other stakeholders.

The conference was focused on key issues such as: governments' readiness to implement Agenda 2030; key challenges, findings, recommendations and impacts of up to now audits of preparedness for SDGs implementation, follow up of audits carried out, possible improvements, IDI Application model for auditing the implementation of SDGs, etc. Discussions were also underway on specific changes and innovations in audit approaches, and possible combinations of different types of audits with a view to expressing more comprehensive opinions about SDG implementation in specific national contexts, as well as the ability to engage and collaborate with various strategic stakeholders. At the margins of the conference, a series of bilateral and multilateral meetings with the Heads and delegations of Supreme Audit Institutions from other participating countries were held.
The 3rd UN-IDI Conference