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International relations

From its very founding, the State Audit Office started to connect, in organisational and professional terms, with equivalent institutions of other countries and their professional associations, in order to:
  • Exchange knowledge, experiences, professional materials, documents and information in order to harmonise and develop work methodology within the internationally accepted auditing standards,
  • Follow modern development trends in auditing profession,
  • Contribute to the development of the profession based on own results, and
  • Inform others on the activities and results of the Office, and contribution to its reputation and acceptance of the Office as an expert and professional institution by other state audit offices and professional associations.

International cooperation of the State Audit Office can be divided into four categories:
  • Activities related to membership in international professional associations;
  • Activities related to the European Union
  • Activities related to the supreme audit institutions of other countries;
  • Other international activities.
The State Audit Office has been a member of INTOSAI since 1994 and of EUROSAI since 1996. Obligations entailed by these memberships require continuous dedication and involvement of the Office in activities of these organisations and their work groups, founded in order to develop areas of special interest for state audits and to harmonise methodology and strengthen cooperation between state audits. The Office participated in all congresses organized by these organizations held since the beginning of its membership, and it is involved in the work of numerous bodies and work groups that act as a part of them.
Apart from participation in the work of the congress, representatives of the Office also participate in other conferences, seminars and meetings dedicated to the development of state audit and improvement of the public sector organized by INTOSAI and EUROSAI.
The State Audit Office also develops bilateral relations with other state audits, in form of common seminars, visits of the representatives of other supreme audit institutions to the State Audit Office – as well as visits of the representatives of the State Audit Office to other supreme audit institutions, exchange of experiences, documents and other information related to audit activities.
Office employees also participate in different international seminars and training programs.
With respect to the preparation for integration in the European environment and strengthening of the State Audit Office as an efficient institution that is able to meet EU criteria in practice, the State Audit Office actively participated in the process of pre-accession negotiations for joining the EU through Chapter 32: Financial supervision.
In addition to cooperation with other state audit offices and professional associations, the State Audit Office continuously establishes and maintains contacts with other international institutions / organizations, such as: OECD, SIGMA, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, GRECO, etc.