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The State Audit Office is structured as a unique institution with a Central Office in Zagreb and 20 regional offices in the county centres. The central office in Zagreb and regional offices operate in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.
In the Central Office, departments are structured according to entity types and audit types, including legal, human resources and accounting departments, as well as the internal audit department. Activities of Public Relations and International Cooperation are also a part of the scope of work of the Central Office.
Activities, tasks and responsibilities of the State Audit Office are defined by the Act on the State Audit Office and by the Charter of the State Audit Office. The office is headed by the Auditor General. The Auditor General has a deputy and assistants who assist him in managing the Office, and coordinate performance of audits and other activities in cooperation with heads of the departments and heads of regional offices.
The State Audit Office has an Expert Council, which is an advisory body of the Auditor General, and it consists of the Auditor General and up to seven external members –recognized experts, appointed by the Auditor General.