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EU Contact Committee Meeting

Objavljeno 10. 7. 2019. On 22nd and 23rd June 2019, the representatives of the State Audit Office attended the annual meeting of the Contact Committee of the European Union, held in Warsaw, Poland.
In the first part of the seminar, whos theme was Digital Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU, Mr. Marek Zagorski, Minister of Digital Affairs of Poland, Mr. Michal Boni, Member of the European Parliament and Mrs. Malgorzata NIkowska, European Commission, participated in the panel discussions.
Participants discussed the civil dimension of the digital agenda, the ability of public institutions to participate in the development of e-democracy, the role of Supreme Audit Institutions in the context of achieving the goals of a digital strategy, as well as the possible impact of using digital tools to build citizens' trust in institutions and the development of a new model of cooperation between civil society, citizens and authorities. Following the introductory themes, the panels discussed the challenges and capabilities of auditing the effectiveness of national programs in the field of e-government and cyber security, and the challenges and competences to revise digitization and use of digital resources in audits.
During the second day of the meeting, the activities of the Contact Committee and its working bodies during the past year as well as plans for the next period were presented. Also, during the meeting, an official reception with Mr. Andrzeja Dude, President of the Republic of Poland was organised for the heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions i.e. the heads of the delegations, when the President briefly became acquainted with the role of the Contact Committee and with the purpose and objectives of the meeting itself.
EU Contact Committee Meeting