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Bilateral meeting at the SAI of Cuba

Objavljeno 30. 6. 2023. On June 23, 2023 Ivan Klešić, Auditor General of the Republic of Croatia, accompanied by Lidija Pernar, Assistant Auditor General for International Cooperation and Anita Materljan, Assistant Auditor General for Legal, Administrative and Accounting Affairs, paid a bilateral working visit to the State Audit Office of the Republic of Cuba, where they were received by Gladys Maria Bejerano Portela, Auditor General of the Republic of Cuba, together with Miriam Marbán González, First Deputy Auditor General.
During the meeting, the heads of the two institutions presented the roles, missions, way of working and results of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Croatia.
In accordance with the INTOSAI motto "Common experience benefits all", as well as with the messages of the Declaration from Rio, which additionally emphasizes and calls for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience between Supreme Audit Institutions, during the meeting experiences were exchanged about the preventive role of the State Audit Office of the Republic Cuba and the State Audit Office of the Republic of Croatia and constant efforts to establish, strengthen and make the system of internal controls work as well as possible, and the continuously present need to strengthen transparency and accountability in the public sector.
Also, in the light of currently one of the key global issues of the implementation of the UN's sustainable development goals, experiences were exchanged in auditing those goals and the effects that such audits can achieve, with special reference to the experience of the Cuban SAI.
Numerous other topics of common interest of the two institutions were also discussed, as well as possibilities and modalities of future cooperation.
Bilateral meeting at the SAI of Cuba