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Objavljeno 6. 7. 2023.
On June 20 and 21, 2023, representatives of the State Audit Office participated in the annual meeting of the Contact Committee of the European Union, held in Lisbon, Portugal.
The theme of the first day was Energy, during which a discussion was held on how supreme audit institutions can contribute to a better and more resilient implementation of the energy goals until 2030. There was also a panel discussion moderated by Helena Lindberg, the Auditor General of Sweden, after which presentations were held by several SAIs on the mentioned topic. As a contribution to a better and more resilient implementation of the EU's 2030 energy goals, SAIs of the Netherlands and Germany and the European Court of Auditors launched a new activity called CC EUNA. After that, a meeting and discussion of the heads of supreme audit institutions of EU member states (In camera session) and the European Court of Auditors and a meeting of Liaison officers was held.
The topic of the second day was the Recovery and Resilience Instrument (RRF), during which there was a discussion about the task and challenge for the Supreme Audit Institutions, the assessment of the results and the impact of the national recovery and resilience plans, and the experiences of various SAIs on the systems for the protection of EU financial interests were presented. Furthermore, the representatives of SAI of Poland spoke about the SIRAM procedure (SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism) and the current situation in their SAI during which they shared their own SIRAM report on problem with independence. In addition to the problem with the independence of several SAIs, emphasis was also placed on data protection (GDPR) and the impact on audit procedures was discussed. A meeting on October 4 and 5, 2023 in Luxembourg regarding various areas of the RRF and further improvement and deepening of cooperation and exchange in that area was also confirmed (in organisation of European Court of Auditors). At the end of the second day, the chairmanship of the Contact Committee was handed over and the organization of the new Contact Committee for 2024 was announced by the SAI of Cyprus.