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The Use of cookies by the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries

In order to make this website as pleasant, functional and practical as possible, the website,  prepares a certain amount of information or cookies. Its role is to promote the work of the website and improve the user’s experience while browsing and using it. This page uses necessary cookies and analytical cookies (Google analytics) if the user has given his/her consent to the latter.

What are cookies?

Cookies are part of information stored on a computer, mobile phone or tablet, which can be delivered directly by a website visited by the user (first party cookies) or in collaboration and for the purposes of a third-party website (third-party cookies). Cookies typically save user preferences for a specific page, etc. After the user reopens the already visited website the web browser sends cookies that belong to a revisited website so that they can be opened in accordance with previously specified user preferences. 

Cookies used by this page

• Necessary cookies
The EUROSAI website uses the necessary cookies used for the correct functioning of the page and it is not necessary to request consent to collect these cookies. In case the collection of necessary cookies is disabled, the website will function more difficult. These are the following cookies:
o ASP.NET_SessionId – cookie keeps the status of visitor’s session at page requirements. This cookie is created by our website and it is the only one using it. The cookie will be removed after your Internet browser closes.
o UID cookies – persistent cookies that remember the details of the sign-in to a particular service, so you don't need to type them every time you visit the website.
 • Analytic cookies
In addition, these pages also use statistical cookies, Google Analytics cookies that allow visitors to be analysed. The service provider is Google, Inc.
Thee information that Google Analytics cookies generate on how to use web site including the IP address from which the user accesses the website, is uploaded to Google's  server in the United State of America  and stored there. This information is used to analyse how the websites are used and to compile reports intended for site administrators on activities at the same site, without linking the IP address to other data Google holds. Please note that Google may transfer this information to third parties, under a legal obligation or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google.
For more information on Google Analytics please contact the following link:
EUROSAI uses these cookies exclusively based on the user's explicit consent, i.e. only in case the user marked the consent in a special house on EUROSAI homepage. Cookies to be used:
o _ ga — duration 2 years — purpose is to distinguish beneficiaries
o _ gid – duration 24 hours – purpose is to distinguish users
o _ gat – duration 1 minute – purpose is to limit the number of requests by users
o _ utma – duration 2 years – the cookie is usually written in the browser during the first visit to the website from a specific web browser. If the cookie is deleted and the same website is subsequently visited by the same browser, a new __ utma cookie with another unique identification will be  created. In most cases, this cookie is used to identify individual visitors to our website and it is updated with each page view. In addition, this cookie has a unique identification that Google Analytics uses to ensure cookies’ validity and accessibility as an additional security measure.
o _ utmc – duration during session – is used to identify new visitors
o _ utmt – duration 10 minutes – purpose is to limit the number of requests by users
o _ utmb - duration 30 minutes - This cookie is used to establish and continue your user session. When a user reviews a specific website, Google Analytics code is attempting to update this cookie. If he does not find the cookie, a new session is created and a new session is established. Each time a user visits another page, this cookie is updated and expires in 30 minutes, continuing the same session, as long as the user continues its activities at 30-minute intervals. This cookie expires when the user pauses on the site page for more than 30 minutes.
o _ utmz - duration 6 months - This cookie stores the type of referral used by a visitor to reach your website, either through a direct method, a link to a reference, a search of a website, or a campaign such as an ad or an e-mail link. It is used to calculate the search engine for traffic, advertising campaign, and page navigation within your own website.

Cookie Management

Cookies can be managed at any time by changing the cookie settings on the home EUROSAI website, by clicking the letter “C” in the bottom left corner of the page.
Cookies can be managed or deleted at will by the user, and more information about the cookies can be found on the

Clear cookies from your device

If the user deletes the search history from this /her browser, they will delete all stored cookies from the device. This action can remove all cookies from all websites visited by the user.
However, it should be taken into consideration that deleting in this way can lead to some lost stored data (e.g. stored login data, personal preferences on pages).

Managing individual pages cookies

In order to control better individual page cookies, users need to verify the privacy and cookie settings in the browser they use and modify the settings in accordance with their preferences 

Block cookies

Most of today's browsers can be set to block cookies from being placed on the device, but then users must manually adjust some personal preferences each time they visit a specific website. Also, some services and functionalities may not work well (e.g. profile login).

Detailed information

Detailed information on the conditions and methods of processing personal data, as well as users' rights and contacts through which these rights can be achieved can be verified by the user on the following link.